Peggy Rupple’s 23 yr. battle with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma has changed how she lives the rest of her life.  Whether speaking to women’s groups, training student filmmakers as the Associate Producer of the Windrider Film Forum at Sundance, or partnering with her  husband in their production  company, Seriously Funny Productions, Peggy embraces an  intentional life  shaped by the good purposes of God “forged in the fire.” Her amazing and often humorous life stories reflect an infectious joy anchored to a desperate reliance  on  Him; making God’s faithfulness her favorite topic!

Peggy has been married to her husband, Dan, for 36 years, is a proud mom  to three married children, and has fallen hopelessly in love with her role as  “Grandma” to Mason, Karli, Liam, Jase and Zayden.

“Peggy’s engaging and bright enthusiasm is contagious.  She has a way of presenting Biblical truths with grace, humor and straightforwardness.  Her messages are clear and well presented.   Her message on accepting ourselves through God’s love and accepting others stands out amongst one of the best messages to women on this topic.  Mrs. Rupple’s teachings and ministry stand out as a favorite amongst our women.”      Pastor Carol Danna - The Cornerstone Church, Anaheim, CA

“Peggy is passionate about life and about the Lord.  As she shares her heart and her journey, women are endeared to her through authenticity, quick-wit and profound statements of wisdom.  She speaks as a woman drawing from a deep well of intimacy with the Lord.”       Johanna Oddo - The Bridge Church, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

“I feel so blessed to have had a woman of such strength and Godly character to come and pour life into our ladies.  It was evident as she spoke that she is all about her ‘Father’s business’ and that Peggy ministers with the full understanding of what her purpose here on earth is.  I highly recommend her as a speaker as she has a burning passion to share the deep love of Jesus with others.”        Julie Overby - Worship and Women’s Ministry Pastor, Waldford Foursquare Church, Waldford, Oregon